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Contrary to popular perception accountancy as a profession has been in existence for thousands of years now. Just like accountancy services in Worcester, there were accountants existing thousands of years back too. Historical references point out to accounting records being kept in ancient Mesopotamia which date back to over 15000 years. Documents from ancient Mesopotamia show the list of goods traded and expenditures. Documents recovered from the ruins of ancient Sumerian, Babylon and Assyria also point to accounting records existing during ancient times.

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Accountants in ancient times

Around the 3rd millennium BC, in ancient Iran priests were specially designated to oversee financial matters. Excavation has shown that there were specially made cylindrical tokens that were used for bookkeeping purposes in Iran during those times. The Egyptians had developed auditing systems by the 4th century BC. It was also during these times that accounting began to be accepted in the Roman empire. During the rule of Emperor Augustus, the Roman government used to keep detailed financial records. The procedure of detailed bookkeeping was also a practice in the Indian subcontinent since ancient times.

The concept of 'chartered accountants' originated in Scotland during the 19th century. The idea was mooted by a group of accountants. They then approached Queen Victoria and petitioned for a Royal Charter. This subsequently led to the formation of the Institute of Chartered Accounts in England during the end of the 19th century.


There are various types of accountants that you can find in workplaces around the world. One of the common types are known as 'auditors'. As their name suggests they do 'audits'. They help firms ensure accurate keeping of public records and ensure that all taxes are paid properly and on time. Auditors could be working for various entities such as individual clients, the local government or for any organization. Experienced auditors also analyze financial information and offer advice to organizations too, from time to time.

Public accountants

These accounts work for either an accounting firm or have their own private practice. They help clients with taxation assistance, audits and financial planning. They need to pass certain specified examinations in order to practice the profession.

Forensic accountants

These are special types of accountants wherein these professionals need to combine their accounting expertise along with investigative skills and help organizations deal with legal issues. They need to deal with issues such as bankruptcies and financial frauds that could happen in organizations.

Financial advisor

These professionals provide expert investment advise to different entities such as individuals, organizations or in some cases, even the governments. They thoroughly analyze the needs of different clients and provide advise accordingly.

Taxation advisors

As the name suggests, these professionals offer advise pertaining to taxation. They help their clients deal with issues related to taxation. Many a times they act as the representative on behalf of their clients when dealing with tax authorities too.

Accounting consultants

Accounting consultants are hired by organizations in order to prepare detailed financial reports. They are experts in the area of analyzing financial data, as well as statutory requirements that need to be followed by organizations, based on which they offer their advice. A simple internet search can put you across several such accountancy services worcester.